Friday, May 9, 2014

Rune: Jera

I've been bad with following the Pagan Blog Project lately. I think I left off on the letter "B". B is for oh bother. This week starts the first week for the letter "J", so immediately the Rune Jera came to mind.

Jera symbolizes a time of harvest. This can represent a physical harvest such as a successful crops in farming, or more like a harvest of rewards after a long period of hard work or challenges. I find this pretty fitting for this period of Spring that we are currently in. Summer will be here soon and that is a time to reap/harvest what you have planted in the early Spring.

Jera can also represent fertility, new beginnings, success. This is a period of bounty that is to be reaped. Everything is happening just as planned, and it's time for you to rest and enjoy it.

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