Thursday, May 29, 2014

Journey to the Lower World

Today's journey was to peek into the realm of the Lower World. I meditated back finding myself before my tree. Again I saw a deer (doe) standing to the right of my tree.

I was pulled down into one of the tiny caves at the root of my tree, spiraling down into my inner sanctuary inside the base of the tree, and beneath the earth. The room looked as I remembered but now I noticed a small door. The door was round, wooden and barely small enough for a small child or animal to enter. I wasn't sure Id fit.

I opened the door and was brought into a long, narrow and dark hallway. The hall was so long that I couldn't even make out if there was an ending. I immediately got a sense of this being my hall of ancestors. I walked down the hall searching for the end and to discover it, I noticed portraits of all of my ancestors that had gone before. Some I did not even recognize or know in this life. I noticed a portrait of my grandmother on my mother's side, who was a very important woman in my life. She is someone that Ive always known to be one of my guides and guardians currently.

At the end of the hall, I found another small door. I opened it and stuck just my head outside to explore. At first I noticed a land of brilliantly green grass, that covered over rolling hills, with smaller mountains in the background. I smelled the saltiness of the ocean in the air, and looking over to the left noticed the coastline off in the distance.

My Lower World was a beautiful sight to take in with all of my senses.

I made my way back down the hall, stopping before the portrait of my grandmother. She told me to remember that I was always protected and safe. That I was a strong healer, and needed to have confidence in my abilities. She said I know what steps I need to take, and what I had to do. I just needed the courage to move forward, and know that I was safely being guided in the right and true direction. I just had to listen and follow.

I thanked the ancestors and moved back into my inner sanctuary and was immediately whipped up and back to the outside of the tree. I knelt before the deer and made contact with it, knowing this to be one of my power/spirit animals. I held out my hand to make contact, and to feed it. The deer nuzzled my hand and began to eat from it. The deer kept changing from a doe into a stag/buck and back. Letting me know that it was both the feminine and masculine.

The deer then led me over to the small creek that ran alongside my tree, and encouraged me to look at my reflection in it. As I knelt I saw a younger, beautiful, stronger version of myself. I always noticed that I had wings, and got the impression that this was my image as me as an Earth Angel. On Earth working as an angel in some aspect to help to heal others and the planet for the time I was here.

The deer then began to drink from the water and encouraged me to do the same. I was nervous to drink it but the deer let me know it was healing water and that it was safe to drink it. I took a small sip and has I did I felt a wave of electricity run through my physical body both there in back in the middle world.

I hugged the deer and thanked it. It then leaped into my heart space and told me that it was now one with me. That I could always contact and use its energy and power anytime I need whether in the psychical middle world, or here in the lower world. I thanked it again.

I then moved to the tree and thanked in for being a place of sanctuary and protection. As I sat down with my back to the tree. I felt Archangel Michael sit behind me, enveloping me in his embrace and wrapping his wings around me. He cleansed me energetically and cut any cords to negative energies that were attached to my aura. I thanked him, and he gave me a kiss.

I sat for a bit more at the base of the tree. Inhaling the energy of the earth and the lower world and letting it go up to the sky and upper world on the exhale.

I slowly brought myself back from the journey meditation. Thanked my spirits, guides, angels and gods and goddesses that I work with. I performed some Reiki on myself to further heal and cleanse. Then I grounded the energy left over down deep into the Earth.

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