Wednesday, May 14, 2014


This week is the second week for the letter "J" for the Pagan Blog Project. I decided to blog about my latest obsession: Jasmine. I recently got a massage bar that was Jasmine, Ylang Ylang and Vanilla. I keep putting it all over my skin to just have the smell enveloping me. 

This has never been a flower/plant that I've paid much attention to. I think we all know someone who has/had Jasmine in their yard. Maybe we remark on the pleasant fragrance when we visit. Maybe you even have or know someone who wears a Jasmine perfume. At some point we have all at least come into contact with the flower and its intoxicating and sensual fragrance.

I have always worked with herbs in my practice in some form or another, and I've always considered myself a little bit of an amateur Herbalist. Recently I've decided to really further explore this part of my craft practice. I am working on further expanding my working knowledge of herbs and plant life and all it can do for us both in the magickal and mundane worlds. I am also looking at becoming a Certified Herbalist. So you will see a lot more posts on different herbs and ways to use them in both your magickal practice and your day to day life.

One of the ways Ive been using Jasmine recently is just brewing it in a lovely Green Tea. It's delicious sweetened or unsweetened. I've even combined it with other herbal teas such as a Hibiscus tea. Now that the weather is warming I've made them in an ice tea that is so refreshing.
Jasmine is a shrub or vine that is related to the olive. It can grow all year round in certain parts of Europe and Asia, and is more native to tropical and subtropical climates. It has over 200 species with the most common being Jasminum Officinale. Jasmine is the official flower of Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines.

Medicinal Uses:
  • As a syrup can help with colds and coughs
  • Calms nerves
  • Cleanses blood
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
Magickal Uses:
  • Love spells
  • Money/Abundance spells
  • Scent can be used for prophetic dreams
  • Aids in meditation
I'm ordering some supplies to make my own Jasmine infused oils that will be partially used for massage, bath oils, and I'll be making my own Jasmine and Vanilla scented massage bars.

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