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Prosperity Ritual to Lakshmi

Ritual to Lakshmi

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity. Lakshmi is Sanskrit for the word “goal”. She is known as the wife of Lord Vishnu, and often as a consort of Lord Ganesh. Ganesh is known as the “Remover of Obstacles” and there for works well to block any flow of abundance and prosperity to you as Lakshmi blesses you and flows abundance to you.

Lakshmi is depicted as a beautiful Indian woman with four outstretched arms, who is seated upon a large lotus blossom. Her arms represent Purity, Prosperity, Perfection and Freedom. Lakshmi is often seen with gold coins flowing from her hands representing her flow of gifts. She blesses both the physical and spiritual world with her gifts.

On Altar:
  • Picture or statue of Lakshmi
  • Lotus or Jasmine candle (white) to represent Lakshmi
  • Bell
  • Offerings for Lakshmi such as coins, flowers, yogurt and honey, milk
  • Sandalwood oil or bindi
  • Sandalwood incense
  • Red/Gold altar covering

  1. Cast circle and call quarters, etc. if you do this.
  2. Take a seat in front of your altar to Lakshmi. Bring your hands into prayer with the thumbs at your third eye and bow saying “Namaste”
  3. Bless yourself with the bindi or placing sandalwood oil on your third eye while chanting “May Lakshmi cleanse you and bless you with abundance and prosperity”
  4. You may first call Ganesh (the remover of obstacles and a consort of Lakshmi’s to help in the ritual). Chant his mantra “Aum Gam Ganapataye Namah” three times.  Typically mantras are chanted to Hindu deities 108 times, but for the sake of this ritual we will only chant 3.
  5. Read a hymn to Lakshmi or call her by chanting her mantra three times. Her mantra is “Om Shree Laksmi Devayay Namah”
  6. Light the candle to her, and light the incense wafting it over the altar.
  7. Ring the bell to awaken her.
  8. Make your offering to her (coins, flowers, yogurt and honey, milk, sandalwood paste).
  9. Actively ask for what you want her to bring to you.
  10. Meditate on your wish and what Laskhmi represents. Abundance and Prosperity is just not about money and financial gain. Laskshmi can bless you with other types of wealth such as knowledge, good health, happiness and more. Meditate on the thing that you would like to have an abundance of in your life. It can be more than one thing. But see the intention of it, see Lakshmi standing above you letting a golden flow of abundance pour over you from her hands.
  11. Thank her for blessing you with her abundance and prosperity. A good way to do so is to say “Health, Wealth and Freedom to All Beings.” Bring your hands into prayer with the thumbs at your third eye and bow saying “Namaste”
  12. Ring bell and banish as you would.
  13. Continue to spread the wealth that Lakshmi has blessed you with. Remember to help others, tip when you should, donate to charities etc. Keep the flow of prosperity flowing out to others.
  14. Maintain the altar to Lakshmi and if you feel inclined to do so mediate in front of her altar and chant her mantra 108 times daily. This really doesn’t take long, and you can use a mala to keep track of the count of times you chant the mantra.

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