Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Journey to the Upper Realm

 I stepped before my World Tree, smelling the wetness of the rain mixed with the smell of the dirt and Earth. My animal spirit guide was waiting to guide me on my journey to the Upper Realm/World.

As He instructed me, I climbed onto his back, feeling the softness of his fur, the strength of his muscles, and smelling the musky scent of the woods on him. He climbed up my tree, as we reached the top most branches we were brought through a white light, that seemed mixed with clouds, then we were brought through a tunnel of pure bright white light.

As we approached the Upper Realm I noticed a figure all in white. A long white robe, with gray white hair, and a long gray white beard. He grabbed my forearm in a manner of greeting. Almost like a handshake but by grabbing the forearm instead of the hand.

He introduced himself as the "Father" of the Upper Realm. He told me that he oversaw everything that went on with the Upper Realm and that he was there to guide me and assist in the journey. He reminded me of the Greek God Zeus, and he may have even said that that was who he was. 

"Father" then introduced me to my highest self, who was sitting on a lotus, meditating, and bathed in a light of pure energy. "Father" said that this was my goal, to let go of ego and fear on the physical realm (the Middle World) and to work on becoming my highest self in my every day, waking life. That I was to become a person of a great love, and to work endlessly on healing work and sharing my gifts with others. That to do so would connect me to my highest self.

"Father" then guided me over to the edge of a vast ocean that was bathed in pure white light. The ocean didn't appear blue or green, but as if it was a large pool of white energy/light. The ocean appeared white and looked very inviting. "Father" told me that the ocean had healing powers, and could heal any ails, worries, etc. He invited me to take a dive into the ocean and let its healing waters wash over me.

I looked over to my animal spirit who was guiding me on this journey to see if it was okay for me to enter the ocean. He motioned that yes, I should enter the ocean and let myself be healed. As I entered the ocean I could feel the cooling sensation of its waters on my skin. I could physically smell it's saltiness in the air. I let myself be enveloped by the water, laying back and floating, my face to the warm sun.

"Father" came up behind me in the water and placed the palms of his hands on the crown of my head and his fingers resting on my temples. He told me that anytime I needed healing or healing energy for any reason, I was to come take a dip in the ocean. He motioned to the shore and that it was time for me to move on and continue exploring. With that I noticed that we were standing on the shore, and I was completely dry.

My animal guide motioned for to follow him. We took a short walk away from "Father" and the ocean where we came upon a small beautiful garden that was bathed in pure light. Standing in the garden was a beautiful woman. She was tall with strawberry blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, and she wore a light and airy dress. 

As I approached her she drew me in the a mother draws a child in for a hug and consolation. Her hands brought my head to her heart and she kissed the top of my head. She told me that she was "Mother", the nurturing and always loving spirit of the Upper Realm. She said that "Father" oversaw most of the Upper Realm but that this magical garden was her own sacred spot.

She told me the garden was a place to come with any questions that needed answering, especially as they pertained to relationships of any sort. That the garden was meant to provide answers of any kind, and to be a spot for healing relationships. She told me that any question I had, I was to think on it, while inhaling the scent of one of the roses in the garden. As I inhaled and took the scent of the flower into my body, so would the answer come to be within me. She told me to visit her garden anytime, and bade me farewell.

It was time to leave the journey. I thanked both the "Father" and the "Mother" and my animal guide let me climb on his back. We went into the tunnel of the light that we entered the Upper Realm through and found our way back down the great trunk of my World Tree. I thanked my angels and spirit guides for assisting and protecting me on the journey. I thanked my animal spirit for guiding me, as he lept back into my heart space where he stays until I need him. I thanked my World Tree for providing a space of journeying, healing, and safety. And I made my way back out of the meditative state.

The more I study and practice journeying, the more I find and meet so many loving spirit guides who are really here to assist us to become our highest self. I do have quite the little spirit guide team/tribe at my side right now.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, abundance and prosperity; both material and spiritual. She is depicted as the picture above, sitting on a lotus, with four outstretched arms. Her arms represent the four ideas of dharma (righteousness), karma, artha (wealth) and moksha (liberation from birth and death). In her hands she holds the lotus flower which symbolizes how beauty can grow from nothing. Her other hands often show coins flowing form them, symbolizing the flow of prosperity from her. The elephants are symbols of her royal power.

The gods and demons got together to churn the Ocean of Milk. It was said that when churned, gifts would emerge that could bring the gift of immortality. During the churning of the Ocean of Milk, Lakshmi emerged as one of the gifts. After her emergence from the ocean she became the consort of the lord Vishnu.

Lakshmi is often celebrated and honored on the Hindu Festival of Lights called Diwali. During Diwali houses are lit with extra lights and lamps in hopes that Lakshmi will come and bless the house. Things sacred to Lakshmi are sandalwood, lotus flowers, and owls.

Here is a great ritual/spell you can do to Lakshmi that I posted recently. She is a deity that I work with often (often working alongside another Hindu deity: Ganesh).