Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shamanic World Tree Meditation

The drum beats counting me down into a deep meditative state I arrived before a large tree, my tree. Its base was thick, with knotty roots that broke through and down into the soil. The trunk was massively thick, with rough bark and many little sections of holes and tiny caves.

The trunk stood near a body of water, and was surrounded by other large, ancient trees all around. I made my way to the base of the tree and stuck my hands into the wet soil at it's base. It had just rained and the smell of wet earth filled my nostrils. I grabbed the wet soil and let it run through my hands, as I lifted them over head in honor of the tree.

My feet rooted down into the wet earth like the trees roots, and my hands lifted up growing tall like the branches of the tree. I looked up as the canopy of the tree shadowed over me. I turned to see Archangel Michael, my protector, watching over me. He flew gently to my side, and grabbed my hand. We turned to stare at the tree, holding hands.

Off in the distance one of my spirit/power animals, the doe, watched on as Michael and I bent down and dug our hands into the soil. We then placed our muddy hands onto the trunk of the tree, feeling its roughness. We both wrapped our arms around the tree giving it a hug. We released the tree and stood facing each other, placing our muddy hands together. Palm to palm.

I looked at the base of the tree and saw a paticular cave like entrance that I knew would take me into the inner part of the tree. My secret temple that only I alone can enter. What looked like stairs took me down. But instead of walking down, I was led downward in a spiral, my body turning and moving down like a corkscrew into a bottle of wine.

I landed at the base and looked around at my inner temple. It was dark, but spacious. I looked up and could tell I was inside the tree. I noticed a small table and chair, and a large full length mirror on one side.

On another wall was a large rack of every herb, or plant substance in nature. Beneath the herb racks, was a large book. I flipped through it and heard Airmid tell me that she had given me the working knowledge of every herb. That she would be there to guide me as I learned them all. The book would also give me the knowledge and access to form any spell that I could ever need.

I moved over to the mirror and looked in. Instead of my own reflection I was met with the face of Apollo, and felt Micheal's hands on my shoulders as he stood behind me. They both told me that they were there to help me on my healing journey. That I wasn't to worry about weight, my body, or anything. Every time I came down with them I could have access to a healing journey for any need that I may have. That through the healing journeys my body would grow stronger and more beautiful each time.

I took another look around and realized that it was time to go back. I felt myself moving back up through the tree in that same spiral sweeping motion and landed outside of the tree at its base. I said thank you and backed away.

Calling myself back through the beat of the drums.

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