Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Witches Besom

A besom, otherwise known as a witch's broom, is made from a bundled of fine twigs or straw that are tied to a larger, sturdier piece of wood. Besoms, like any other type of broom, are used for sweeping clean an area. They are often used to sweep, both physically and energetically, an area to be used for casting a circle.

Of course today the idea of a witch's broom is usually thought of as a method of transportation, with the witch riding into off into a full moon. But the besom is more of a tool than anything else. It can be used to direct energy such as a wand, to cleanse an area of negative energy, or even to sweep something postive into your space such as prosperity.

I like to keep my besom, bristles up, by the front door. This is said to protect those living in the space from any negative energies.

Any type of broom can be used, from the standard broom you pick up at store, to the scented decorative brooms found in craft shops. You can usually find some hand crafted besoms (as mine is) from online shops like etsy, or from occult/metaphysical stores.

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