Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Moon Ritual to Selene

The first new moon of 2014 is today, the first of the year. Both symbolize letting go of stuck energy, welcoming in the new, and a time for new beginnings.

Here is a quick little spell/ritual to the moon goddess Selene (who I've felt very drawn to lately. I will be doing an upcoming post on her soon).

Go outside under the new moon, or near an open window to perform the spell/ritual. Light a white or silver candle to signify Selene. Cleanse the area with incense or sage. Spend some time meditating on Selene and new beginnings.

On what piece of paper write down something you wish to let go of in the new year, and on another piece of paper write down a goal or something you wish to bring into, your life or draw to you in the new year.

Take the first piece of paper with the thing you want to let go off. Spend some time meditating on the thing you wish to let go, why you want to let it go, and how your life will change once it has disappeared. Burn the paper and place it into a small bowl or cauldron. Thank Selene for helping you to let go of this.

Next grab the paper with the thing you wish to draw to you, or bring into your life. Meditate on that as well, thinking about how positive your life will grow as you bring this to you and into your life. Now burn this paper, thanking Selene for helping you to grow with this item/topic/thing into the coming year.

Mediate a little longer, on Selene and your wishes for the new year. Thank her for her help and guidance in the new year. Think about how as they are released to the universe and the smoke flows from the cauldron of the burning pieces of paper. Let the incense and candle burn a little while longer. Throw the ashes down the sink and run water over them.

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