Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Goddess Airmid

I recently discovered the Celtic Goddess Airmid (Airmed), the Goddess of Herbs and Healing and is one of the Tuatha de Danann. Along with her father and brother, she was a healer to the wounded during battle. Airmid and Miach also built and tended to the magical Well of Slaine in Ireland. The well's magical powers were said to heal those wounded in battle.

Airmid and her brother Miach, were strong healers who surpassed their father in the strength of their healing magick. Their father, out of a jealous rage of Miach's healing powers, killed him.  In a deep sorrow over the death of her brother, Airmid buried him and wept uncontrollably over his grave.

The next day Airmid returned to discover that her tears had caused 365 individual herbs to have grown out of Miach's buried body and his grave. Methodically, Airmid gathered each herb, placing them on her cloak. The herbs began to open up to Airmid, speaking to her of their magical abilities, and revealing that when used in a certain sequence, they could bring the dead back to life.

Seeing the knowledge that Airmid had gained, her father over turned the cloak, scattering all of them to the winds. Her father didn't want anyone to gain the knowledge of the use of the herbs, or how they could be used to obtain immortality. It is said that only Airmid knows the use of every herb to this day. Although she knows the abilities of each herb, she was unable to retain the sequence used to revive the dead, and achieve immortality.

Call on Airmid to gain knowledge of working with herbs, or when performing any magick involving herbs. She is also known for healing waters, working with the Fae, and with nature.

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