Friday, January 28, 2011

Imbolc Celebration

I know that when we are buried under as much snow as most of us seem to be, that it is hard to even think about Spring being right around the corner! But it is, only 50 something days!
Tuesday, February 1st marks the day of Imbolc. Imbolc is the perfect time to start thinking about the Spring that is ahead of us. Imbolc is often linked with the Celtic Goddess Brighid, who honors hearth and home. She is actually one of my patron deities, so this is a special holiday for me!
I find the perfect way to honor both Imbolc and Brighid is to do some Spring Cleaning! I deeply cleanse the house, casting out any negative energies that might have settled in for the Winter. Open up the windows and doors (if not too too cold) and let in some fresh air. Breathe new life into your home! Light candles and incense to not only freshen the air, but to help remove negative energies.
I decorate my home and altar with fresh white flowers! Corn dollies and Brighid's Cross are great things to add to your altar as well! I always have a Brighid's Cross on my altar in her honor throughout the year.
Typically, Imbolc is linked with lamb as well as Brighid. So most people will celebrate with a feast of lamb and other Celtic dishes. However, now that the husband and I are both Vegans, I'm not quite sure what kind of Imbolc feast we will come up with. We might just foucs on some traditional Celtic side dishes, with a Vegan twist!
I'll be sure to post pictures of my altar, feast etc on the actual day of Imbolc! How will you be celebrating?


  1. I celebrated by tromping through 15 inches of snow digging my neighbors out of the parking lot. :) It was a perfect Imbolc because the whole city of Madison took a snow day.

    I hope your Imbolc went well too! :)

  2. Oh, P.S. I have a chocolate giveaway going on at my site this week. Though you might be interested. :)

  3. I have started celebrating Spring ever since the first snowfall back in December....I long for sunshine and flowers. There is still 12 inches of snow on the ground but it is suppose to be 40 degrees on Wednesday. there is still hope. Great post. Love the Pics.