Thursday, December 26, 2013

Candle Color Correspondence

I honestly don't remember where I found this, but this has been in my Book of Shadows for years. I thought I'd share it here. If anyone knows the originally source, please let me know and I'll give credit where it is due.

Proper colors for a spell
Make the work extremely well
This list will make your magick strong
So study carefully and long
The candle colors listed here
And all of your spells will bring you cheer
For lustful love and hot desire
Use a candle as red as fire
If tranquil peace you now pursue
Burn a bit of palest blue
For protection you may use the same
Likewise if you health is lame
Pink for Harmony and love
And perfect union from above
If to attract is your intent
Orange is what is heavens sent
If your hold on things go sour
Use purple to regain your power
To increase your bank account
Light green candles all about
To ground yourself and make it stick
Brown candles always do the trick
To organize use deepest blue
For stress relief a lavender hue
Use teal for balance, peach for friends
Black puts bad habits to an end
Use white if you must substitute
If contains all hues of colors suit
If you burn white instead, its true
You must concentrate on the proper hue
Use these wisely, learn them well
For each every time you spell
You weave a dream that you create
Into a realistic state
The Universe will not say no
But confusing it may cause you woe

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