Friday, March 18, 2011

Super Moon

Tomorrow's Full Moon will be one of the biggest and brightest we've seen in a few years, also known as a "Super Moon" due to the fact that the Earth will be closer to the Moon that it has been awhile. The Earth, Moon, and Sun will all be in alignment, and the Moon will be at it's nearest approach to Earth.

Some believe that the effects of a "Super Moon" are responsible for the effects of Earth and it's tides, etc. Some even believe that recent earthquake and Tsunami in Japan were a direct effect of the Moon being so close to Earth and how it's gravitational strengths effect our planet.

So what does this mean for Magick? Well nothing really. However, this "Super Moon" full moon is known as the Worm Moon or the Sap Moon. The name Worm Moon comes from the fact that has the days get warmer and the ground thaws that Earthworms begin to make their appearance. The name Sap Moon comes from the fact that this is the time that trees are tapped for Maple Syrup.
Not only do we have a "Super Moon" and a beautiful Worm Moon Esbat to celebrate, but Sunday is also Ostara. Ostara is the Spring Equinox Sabbat that is named after the German Goddess of the Spring. This is a time to focus on the Spring, the Sun and new beginnings. I will be doing a separate upcoming post on Ostara! It's going to be a very magickal weekend!


  1. Gorgeous post and tribute to the moon...and Blessings of Ostara...beautiful post!

  2. I really wish I was better at remembering moon phases now! I totally missed out on the super moon! Any more for Beltane? :P

  3. A truly wondrus post. I will be watching for it..Thank you for sharing this most valuable info.